A Guide to our Puppy Introduction Service

We have a puppy introduction programme that has proven to be a great success where grooming is introduced gently and calmly to puppies from the age of 4 months. This introductory appointment helps prepare the puppy to be separated from their owners and let them experience the different sounds and sensations that they will need to get used to as their coats mature and regular grooming is required.

Our puppy introduction programme is as follows and includes a complimentary consultation with us to meet you and your puppy informally before we groom your pet.

Stage 1: Please call us to book your complimentary consultation and we can discuss your exact requirements.
Stage 2: Bring your puppy along for their introductory sniff, cuddle and explore around their new grooming salon, a big adventure!
Stage 3: Arrange your puppies first mini groom where they will be brushed, bathed, dried and minor scissoring undertaken to clear areas like eyes and back end. We will also check and trim to their nails if required.
Stage 4: Sit back and relax knowing your have found a groomers that will look after your pride and joy as if they were our own.

If your puppy is new to grooming and you feel they would benefit from our puppy introduction program, please call us for an appointment.